Student Mentoring Program

NCUS Mentoring Program


Recognizing that establishing professional relationships between Ultrasound Practitioners and Ultrasound Students across North Carolina should be a top priority for any professional advocacy group, the North Carolina Ultrasound Society (NCUS), does establish this mentoring program to be introduced to the general membership at the annual NCUS Symposium in March, 2011.  This Program was approved by the NCUS BOD at their January 22, 2011 meeting. 



Purpose:        The NCUS will make available a scholarship (waived registration) to the annual and fall NCUS symposium for three students, each selected from each region represented across NC.  The role of a NCUS mentor is to foster an active, participatory, professional relationship with a designated mentee.


Objective:     To encourage student engagement in the Sonography profession through mentorship with a professional in a leadership position in the North Carolina Ultrasound Society. 


Strategies:     A student from each accredited Sonography program in NC will be chosen by the program faculty to apply to the NCUS mentoring program.  The student will commit to assisting the society at the NCUS Symposiums and attend all pertinent meetings.  The

student will be assigned to a NCUS mentor to work with for a one year period beginning in August of each year. 



The Education Committee will:


  • Accept applications each spring from NC Sonography Educators for students eligible to participate in the Mentoring program.

  • Verify eligibility of student Mentee nominees.

  • Submit to the NCUS President at the June BOD Meeting a list of students recommended to participate in the Mentoring program for board approval.

  • Notify the NCUS Central Office of the names of the students so that crediting their registration fees may be completed properly.

  • Instruct each participating student to register for the Symposium and indicate “Registration Fees Waived” on the form before submitting it to the NCUS.

  • Designate Student Mentor Program participants as such at registration and on their Symposium name tags.

  • Waive any and all registration fees in consideration of the time spent working at the annual fall and spring Symposiums.

  • Review the selection criteria and selection process annually.

  • The Education Committee will distribute an application for student presentations through the NCUS web site.

Criteria for selection of Mentees:


  • Complete the Mentoring Program application and submit to the Education Committee by May 31st.


  • A first year student (2nd semester) will be recommended by their Program Faculty and must express interest in being a part of this Mentoring program, demonstrating professional behavior and actions.


  • Student must be in good academic standing with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA overall and demonstrates leadership through community and/or college involvement.


  • Student and Program Director must be a NCUS Member in good standing


  • Student must express a sincere commitment to the strategies for mentorship. This will involve attending NCUS Board meetings, committee meetings and/or other meetings in which the mentor may be involved. Student must be available and allowed to attend NCUS meetings throughout the year. Student will participate in the annual NCUS Symposium in a working role to be designated by their Mentor to assist in every aspect of putting on such a detailed program, including meeting preparation, registration, validation of CE credits, distribution of certificates and clean up. One student will be assigned to the registration area and one to the vendor hall.


Responsibilities of Mentee:


  • Mentees are required to attend a minimum of 75% of NCUS meetings (This will involve three of four scheduled meetings). Mentees are responsible for contacting their mentor if they are unable to attend scheduled meetings.  The NCUS Board of Directors meeting schedule may be accessed at 

  •  Mentees are required to sign an attendance sheet at all meetings

  • Attend the NCUS Symposiums – Mentees will be assigned specific job duties by the NCUS program representatives.

  • Attend other NCUS Committee meetings as their school schedule allows.

  • Failure to meet these criteria will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.

  • Present a case study for the NCUS newsletter and prepare a Case of the Day for the Annual Symposium.

  • Expenses (other than registration fees) will be the responsibility of the student.


Responsibilities of Mentors (NCUS Board Members):


  • The Mentor must attend 75% of all NCUS meetings with their Mentee. Mentors will be provided with mentee contact information and are responsible for contacting their mentees prior to set meeting dates.

  • The Mentor must attend the NCUS Symposiums with the Mentee and model professional behavior at all times.

  • If the Mentor is a Committee Chair, Committee member, Officer, BOD member, etc… they are to actively engage the Mentee in their activity/role and have their Mentee with them at as many Committee Meetings, etc. as possible.

  • Mentors will assist and proof mentee’s work before publication (i.e. NCUS article and Case of the Day)



 Application deadline:  May 31