NCUS Policies & Procedures

Agenda for Meeting:

Refer to Agenda Outline for board meetings (Attachment I).

Bylaws of NCUS:

Refer to NCUS Bylaws (Attachment II).

Committee Responsibilities:

Refer to Committee Responsibilities (Attachment III).

Counting of Ballots:

The NCUS Board of Directors candidate with the most votes is declared the winner of that category.

Finance Committee Notes:

1. The President and/or President-Elect will be responsible for negotiating any contracts made or signed on behalf of the NCUS.

2. The Treasurer will meet with the Administrative Assistant for the NCUS on a quarterly basis at the convenience of the Treasurer and the Administrative Assistant. A quarterly financial statement will be sent out within a week after each meeting to all board members.

3. The Treasurer is responsible for signing bank reconciliations quarterly. Reconciliation will be completed by the Administrative Assistant in communication with the Treasurer quarterly.

Honorariums for Speakers:

Guest lectures will be reimbursed according to the following schedule:

  • Annual Symposium: $200 per lecture hour

  • Fall Symposium: $100


Reimbursement will be made for speaker travel and accommodations to the NCUS meetings based on the following guidelines:

1. No more than two (2) nights accommodations for a three day meeting will be reimbursed.

2. Travel expenses; a. Miles driven will be reimbursed at current IRS rate b. Round trip air travel will be reimbursed at economy class rate

3. Personal expenses (including meals) up to $50 per day Receipts must accompany request for reimbursement.


Mailing Labels: Mailing labels will be provided to businesses directly involved in or with diagnostic medical sonography at a cost of $0.10 per label plus $5.00 postage and handling fee.


Membership Fees: New Membership: Active: $30 Affiliate: $25 Student: $15 Honorary: No fee

*Fellows and residents physicians pay “active” status membership fees

Registrant Refunds:

A registration refund request must be submitted in writing 15 days prior to the meeting. However, a $50 administrative fee will be retained on all refunds, which will be processed only after written notice is received. Cancellations received after 15 days prior to the meeting are non-refundable. Registration fee is transferable to another registrant or future meeting(s) within the next twelve months..

Registration Fees to Meetings:

  • Everyone who registers for the meeting is encouraged to become a member of the society.

Reimbursed Items for Board Members:

Members of the NCUS Board of Directors will be reimbursed for the following items:

1. Any mileage for automobile travel approved by the Board will be reimbursed at the current IRS travel reimbursement rate per mile.

2. Members of the NCUS Board will not be required to pay registration fees to any NCUS meeting that he/she attends while actively serving on the Board.

3. All Past-Presidents’ registration fees will be waived for one meeting, either the Annual Symposium or the Fall Symposium, per calendar year. Application must be submitted to the Central Office.

4. Any additional items shall be brought before the Finance Committee and a decision regarding reimbursement shall be made.

5. The President may request to attend one national meeting per year if the budget allows and the Board approves. If for some reason the President cannot attend any meeting, the privilege falls to the following executive committee member (in the following order: vice-president, secretary, or treasurer). The representative of the NCUS attending the meeting shall be reimbursed for travel, hotel, registration fees, plus $50 per day for meals. The Finance Committee reserves the right to review annually the cost of sending a representative from the NCUS. It is the responsibility of the President (or alternating representative) to approach the Finance Committee before arrangements to attend the meeting are made.

Scientific Exhibits:

Refer to the Scientific Exhibit Guidelines (Attachment IV)


Sonographer Excellence Awards:

Refer to the Sonographer Excellence Awards Guidelines and Forms (Attachments V and VI).



Vendors exhibiting at the NCUS meetings will be defined as companies selling ultrasound equipment and/or supplies or hospitals/clinics recruiting for employment. These vendors must register 60 days prior to the meeting with no refunds being made after this date. Additional vendors may be accommodated according to availability of space. Book vendors must contribute books equal to the vendor fee for the meeting at which they will be present.


Vendor Sponsorship Packages:

Refer to Vendor Sponsorship Information (Attachment VII).


Quiz Bowl: Refer to the Quiz Bowl Guidelines and Forms

Adopted 1992 Revised 1994, Revised 1995 Revised 1996, Revised April 23, 1999 Revised 2006, Revised 2012, Revised 2019

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